RedRock Pictures is one of the UK's top music video
production houses.
We have worked with some of the
UKs biggest artists and are the same company as the
UK's biggest online urban channel, Link Up TV
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Video Production
Directing, filming, editing and grading of your video
Artwork Design
Design of all your promotional material & album artwork
We make sure your material is heard and seen by the right audience.
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Competitive Pricing
Links with the major UK music channels
We use the latest filming and editing equipment
Specialise in artist relations
Simplified process, we do all the hard work
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We at RedRock Pictures, pride ourselves in being one of the UK's top production houses for music videos. Our creative team can get you great visuals for your music at a competitive price. We understand that most artists want to focus on making good music rather than having to worry about dealing with the other aspects such as production and promoting. What sets us apart from the other production companies is our ability to not only offer video production, but to build a custom package that also offers artwork design, tailor made advertising banners and promotion for your track and video. This means you can focus on what you do best and let us take care of the rest.

We have worked with some of the UKs top artists and have close links with the biggest online music channels, this allows us to provide you with the greatest opportunity to reach your highest potential audience.

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